Agroecology is an agricultural production system that aims to integrate technical, technological, and scientific advances to achieve sustainable and profitable agriculture that allows for the coexistence of food production and the protection of nature. According to the FAO definition, “Agroecology is a scientific discipline, a set of practices, and a social movement”.

The current agricultural production system seeks to standardise processes in order to serve a global market, so any producer, regardless of origin, can position their products in markets around the world. This production system alters traditional production methods, traditional varieties, and imposes mechanisation, yields, and standardisation.


Agroecology is a commitment to respect biodiversity in the agricultural sector, so that traditional varieties and traditional practices can coexist with market needs and technical and technological advances. The objective is to ensure the quality and quantity of the food supply, guarantee an adequate standard of living for producers, and balance production with respect for nature and biodiversity.

In its agricultural projects, Globaltec integrates traditional methods and local varieties with technical advances to extract the best of each.

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