💧 Water is a scarce and natural resource for human life. It is a fundamental right, according to the United Nations, and has a direct impact on the economy of countries. Governments not only have the obligation to provide the infrastructure and resources necessary for its supply, but must also optimise the processes of extraction, distribution, and consumption.

In water distribution networks, Non-Revenue Water refers to the losses that occur within the network before reaching the final consumer, which are ultimately not billed. According to World Bank estimates, in emerging countries, approximately 35-50% of treated water is lost during the distribution process. This loss jeopardises the economic viability of the investments made, leading to a rapid degradation and abandonment of the existing infrastructures and services. 🔝

Non-Revenue Water

Globaltec has developed a comprehensive management plan that provides a better understanding of distribution network and their hydraulic performance, so we can better anticipate possible leaks, the early degradation of materials, and any potential sabotage. 💧

This integrated solution  is based on the use of hydraulic modelling and geolocation programmes such as arc-GIS, the installation of sensors for leak detection and pressure optimisation, the analysis of performance indicators, and the creation of water balances. In addition, we include a specific training plan to ensure correct implementation and use. 🌳

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