This week, several partial openings took place for the Project to Build Urban Roadways and Other Infrastructure that Globaltec has been carrying out for the provincial government of Zaire in Angola.

Urban roads opened in the municipalities of M’banza-Kongo, Noqui, and Cuimba, with ceremonies presided over by Her Excellency the Deputy Governor of Infrastructure and Technical Services, Ms. Ângela Maria Botelho de Carvalho Diogo, representing His Excellency the Provincial Governor, Adriano Mendes de Carvalho. Also present were officials from the local administration, traditional authorities, and the community in general, as well as representatives from Globaltec.

Globaltec Ingenieria, construcción de vias urbanas en Angola

The projects inaugurated this week include 13 kilometres of urban roads in the aforementioned municipalities.

Under this project, roadways are being built in the municipalities of Tomboco, Soyo, and Nzeto, in addition to two municipal hospitals, two schools, and two residences for technicians, which are in the advanced phase and will be completed soon.

With the construction of these urban roadways, residents will benefit from the new infrastructure, which provides access to essential services, such as education, healthcare, and transportation.

At Globaltec, we are proud to contribute to the sustainable development of communities in Angola. We remain committed to this goal and continue working to carry out projects that have a positive impact

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