Throughout history, food storage systems have been necessary to ensure food preservation. Thus, the primary function of agricultural warehouses has been to ensure the supply of food to the population, thus contributing to economic and population growth.

Thanks to globalization, we can access food from a variety of sources, all of which are in optimal conditions for consumption. We will focus on agricultural warehouses, which are the first link in the chain, as they directly receive production from the field. In them, the crops are received, conditioned and homogenized, and the farmer is given an appropriate price for his product. This allows reinvestment in production and maintenance of activity, contributing to economic growth and population fixation in rural areas.

Globaltec ingenieria, Agricultural Warehouses

Agricultural warehouses continue to fulfil their function: to ensure the supply of food in quantity and quality, guaranteeing producers fair prices. In this regard, Globaltec is working on the development of a national storage system for agricultural products in Senegal that will meet the needs of rural areas. Developing agricultural storage logistics in developing countries is crucial to achieving the goal of “Zero Hunger” (SDG 2) and the goal of “Sustainable Cities and Communities” (SDG 11), contributing to the fulfillment of the 2030 Agenda.

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